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Planning A Funeral During Covid 19 In London

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Funerals and Covid-19 in London

These are difficult times for everyone at the moment, and least of all when one of our loved one’s passes. We understand that you may have a number of questions and concerns about how funerals can operate during the pandemic and will answer any questions you have. Whilst there are some changes and restrictions, it is still possible to create a meaningful funeral experience.

Funeral planning over the phone or video call

To minimise face to face contact wherever possible, our team will support you to organise and plan the funeral over the phone or video call.

restrictions on the number of attendees

Currently a maximum of 30 people are able to attend a funeral however each crematorium or cemetery may have their own restrictions in place

face masks & other general restrictions

Face masks must be worn at all times whilst within the chapel as well as other restrictions such as no singing and not being able to touch the coffin during the funeral

Webcasting & streaming funerals online

We offer a number of options for those not able to attend in person to follow the funeral online and still feel part of the day, including webcasting & live streaming

Frequently asked questions

In line with Government guidance, attendees should be limited to a maximum of 30 family or friends who are not in any of the high-risk categories and are not self-isolating. 

Each crematorium, cemetery or burial ground may have their own restrictions in place to ensure that it is possible for all attendees to social distance

When attending a funeral it is important to adhere to all social distancing rules that are in place. This will mean standing 2 meters apart from people who are not a member of your household and avoiding and physical body contact such as shaking hands.

Yes it is possible to visit some crematoria and cemeteries before the funeral date. Please speak with one of our funeral advisers who can let you know about any local restrictions and opening times in your area.

Yes this is now possible again however there are a number of restrictions in place including limiting the number of people who can be in the chapel at the same time

Yes currently we are able to offer each of the different types of funeral however the situation is rapidly changing and we will update if this changes.

Local Funeral Directors

Get Support To Plan A Funeral

We are an independent and family run funeral directors, providing funerals across South London and surrounding areas. We are available to  support you 24 / 7 on 02030952916 with any questions you may have, and our Funeral Planners can support you to safely organise a funeral

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In Memory Of Life

Get A Personalised Quote For A Funeral In South London

We will ask you four simple questions so that we can provide a bespoke quote for a funeral in South London. You will then be able to edit your choices and save the quote to refer back to at any point

A cremation at your choice of local crematorium and with a 30-60 minute service in the chapel

£2,575 + cremation fees

A burial at any local cemetery you choose with typically a 30 minute service at the graveside

£2,637 + burial fees

An environmentally friendly burial at a woodland burial ground of your choosing

£2,637 + burial fees

Cremation carried out behind closed doors with the ashes returned to you afterwards

£1499 fixed price


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Independent & Family Run Business

We treat every single family as if they were are own. Either Matthew or Harriet will be your dedicated single point of contact throughout the funeral planning


Using our website you can browse all of the available options in your own time and without any pressure by building your own quote online ​


We don't work typical hours and are committed to being available for you whenever you need us including evenings or weekends

Flexible Funeral payments

We do not ask for any deposit up front and our team will discuss the best way for you to make the funeral payment.

Browse & create a personalised quote

You can browse in your own time and without pressure. All of our prices are 100% transparent throughout.

Speak with Matthew or Harriet on the phone

When you are ready, call either Matthew or Harriet who will be able to answer any questions that you may have

Our team will collect & care for your relative

Our highly experienced team will collect your relative and care for them with complete respect until the funeral

Our Funeral Conductor guides you on the day

You will be greeted on the day  by our funeral team, always dressed immaculately in uniform.

Create a free memorial page online

We provide you with website logins to easily create a free memorial page for sharing funeral details online

We support you to organise the funeral

We support you to plan the funeral from the comfort of your own home, providing plenty of time to make all decisions


Simple Funerals

There are many reasons people choose a Simple Funeral whether that is specifically by request from the person who died or perhaps to keep the costs of the funeral down. Whatever your reason, we have a number of options for you to choose from so that you are able to provide a dignified farewell for your loved one. This includes the option to host an interactive virtual funeral service through zoom, giving other the opportunity to still feel part of the day.

Direct Cremation

We Choose Crematorium & Date
£ 1699
  • Location and date of the cremation decided by us
  • Collection, care and transport of your loved one
  • Provision of a simple coffin
  • Completion of all paperwork & legal administration
  • Cremation carried out privately behind closed doors
  • Your loved one's ashes are hand delivered back to you (Optional - £100)

Direct Cremation

You Choose Crematorium & Date
£ 1899
  • Cremation at your choice of local crematoria & date
  • Collection, care and transport of your loved one
  • Provision of a simple coffin
  • Completion of all paperwork & legal administration
  • Cremation carried out privately behind closed doors
  • Your loved one's ashes are hand delivered back to you (Optional - £100)

If you would like any further information on any of these options, you can speak directly with our team for advice