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Things To Consider For A Cremation Funeral

The information in each section is intended as a guide to give you an idea of what is possible. By no means are most of these requirements and if you have any questions regarding this information or anything else, you can contact our team at any stage

Sanderstead Funeral Directors

Our Support To Plan A Cremation In Croydon

Our team is on hand to guide you through the full process whenever you need us. We will provide you with expert local knowledge and advice across Croydon and surrounding areas, as well as coordinating as much of the cremation planning for you as we can

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The Procession

The funeral procession route to the funeral is entirely at your discretion. Our team can meet you directly at the funeral location or alternative you may wish to include:


We can provide chauffeur driven limousines to transport up to six family and friends within each vehicle. Our cars will take you to any requested location after the funeral.


The Paperwork

In order for a cremation to go ahead, the required legal papework must be submitted to the crematorium at least 3 days prior to the cremation. We will help you to gather and prepare each of these documents for the funeral.


Webcasting The Funeral

The majority of crematoriums have the ability to webcast the funeral live for anyone not able to attend in person, including:

If your chosen crematorium does not have webcasting or you are attending another venue first such as a Church, you may also wish to consider our professional streaming service with a professional cameraman


The Committal

The final moments of the service as you say goodbye to your loved one is known as the committal and can be an important moment of closure. Typically this moment is marked with a piece of music which plays as curtains begin to close around the coffin and or it lowers slowly out of view. However there are many ways you may wish to say a final goodbye such as:


Carrying The Coffin

Family members helping to carry the coffin can be an important and powerful moment for some people. If requested, our team will provide full support and guidance on the day to anyone who may wish to, so that this can be done in a safe manner. There would need to be either 4 or 6 people carrying the coffin.

Alternatively, of course, we can provide our own professional pallbearers who will carry your loved one's coffin for the funeral. Should a family decide that it is too much for them to carry the coffin on the day, our team will be able to step in and take their place alongside the other bearers.


The Ashes

Collection And Return Of The Ashes

Collection And Return Of The Ashes

Your loved one's ashes will be available for collection from the crematorium around 3-5 days after the funeral date. You can either collect the ashes yourself or request for our team to do so. Once the ashes are safely within our care, we will transfer them in to your chosen urn and follow your instructions. This may be for us to safely hold on to them for you or you can request for us to hand deliver these back to your home (please note there is a fee for collection, transfer & delivery)

Options For The Ashes​

Options For The Ashes

There are many different option for the ashes but the important thing is that you do not need to make any decisions straight away. Options to consider may include:
  • Us holding on to the ashes until you are ready
  • Scattering the ashes in a memorable place
  • Burying the ashes within a specific cemetery
  • Organising a separate memorial service at a later date
Please note that if you wish to take your relative’s ashes overseas, you will need a specific document from the crematorium which we can request on your behalf

Choosing an Urn​

Choosing an Urn

We have a wide range of urns available on our website which you can view online. Choosing an urn can be very personal and possibly dependant on what you would like to do with the ashes after the funeral. For help or advice, please speak with our team.


The Ceremony

Typically the service for a cremation will take place within the crematorium chapel and last anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes. You may also choose to have a service at a different venue, such as a Church, before or instead of attending the crematorium chapel. Some things you may wish to think about for the service include:


Funeral Officiant

A funeral officiant will help you to plan and create the service content for your love one’s funeral. They will spend time listening to you, learning about your loved one and building a structure for the day. We can help you to find a suitable a person. This may be a:


Memorial Page

Our memorial pages are a convenient and easy way for you to communicate all of the necessary information about the funeral to everyone attending or following along online. We can create the page for you or alternatively we can provide you with logins to the website so that you can add, edit and update any of the content at any time.

All paperwork and administrative processes taken care of

When a person dies, the paperwork, admin and everything you need to do can feel overwhelming. We are here to take some of the pressure off and to try and make everything as simple as possible. Our support includes: