Bletchingley Quote





We will ask you four simple questions so that we can provide a personalised quote for a cremation in. You will then be able to edit your choices and save the quote for later.

Cremation Funeral

A cremation at your choice of local crematorium and with a 30-60 minute service in the chapel


£2,280 + cremation fees

Burial Funeral

A burial at any local cemetery you choose with typically a 30 minute service at the graveside


£2,350 + burial fees

Woodland Funeral

An environmentally friendly burial at a woodland burial ground of your choosing


£2,450 + burial fees

Simple Cremation

Cremation carried out behind closed doors with the ashes returned to you afterwards

£990 + cremation fees


All paperwork and administrative processes taken care of

When a person dies, the paperwork, admin and everything you need to do can feel overwhelming. We are here to take some of the pressure off and to try and make everything as simple as possible. Our support includes: