Which type of coffin would you like to choose?

You do not have to make this decision straight away and will have plenty of time to change your choices at a later stage. We also have a wider range of coffins to choose from if you wish.

Cost effective coffins laminated with a variety of wood effects. Each coffin is constructed and polished to a high standard


A simple wood coffin finished in an elegant white colour and fitted with a personalised name plate


Individually crafted using premium solid redwood timber and polished with a high quality matte finish


A range of religious symbol coffins including the head of mary and the last supper. Finished with a rich a satin interior


A solid wood casket in elegant white with a high gloss finish, Finished with matching bar handles and a delicate white crepe interior


American style caskets, crafted with the highest quality and fitted with a delicate crepe interiors


A range of environmentally friendly coffins, available in a range of colours and styles


Looking for something different? We have a range of colourful coffins including rainbow and glitter options



All paperwork and administrative processes taken care of

When a person dies, the paperwork, admin and everything you need to do can feel overwhelming. We are here to take some of the pressure off and to try and make everything as simple as possible. Our support includes: