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Personal note

A personal note from the family

The family wishes to extend deep gratitude to all, for the prayers, support, comforting messages, calls, flowers, cards and gifts during this time of bereavement.






funeral details

Funeral For Carmelita

The funeral will be held at St Bartholomew's Church and South London Crematorium

Funeral starts at 10am Mass and 11am at South London Crematorium

on 11th March 2022

The funeral will be led by Father Augustine


About Carmelita's Life

Wife, mother, grandmother, sister, sister-in-law, aunt and beloved friend. Many knew her as ‘Nene’, she was a strong and loving soul who always put others first.

Born in Mindoro Philippines, she was the eldest of three with her brothers Edsol and Cris. At just 17 years old, she moved to London with her mother Norma. Married for 36 years to Conrado Asuncion, she had two children Gabriel and Chloé. In 2009, her granddaughter Teyah was born. She was very close with her family and loved them all dearly.

Nene enjoyed cooking and baking for family and friends. Her laugh made everyone smile and she left countless memories. She was known a fighter. She will be truly missed by many


How to access the funeral live webcast

You can access the live webcast by clicking the button below and logging in using the Username and Password provided. Please allow plenty of time before the service to login. The webcast will begin approximately 5 minutes before the funeral start time.

Username:​ dexa4501

Password: 282097

Funeral fLowers

Send Flowers For The Funeral

Please contact the team on the number below to order flowers for the funeral. We can discuss what you are looking for and will hand write a message for the card. You will then be able to pay with your card once all completed.

  • Hearts


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  • Sheaves


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  • Sympathy Bouquets


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  • Posies


    A selection of floral posies. Approximate sizes are:

    • Original Height: 20cm, Width: 30cm
    • Deluxe Height: 25cm, Width: 35cm
    • Grand Height: 25cm, Width: 40cm

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  • Baskets


    A beautiful range of sympathy baskets. Approximate sizes include:

    • Original Width: 20cm, Length: 30cm
    • Deluxe Width: 35cm, Length: 20cm
    • Grand Width: 20cm, Length: 45cm

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Planning For The Future

In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan


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The funeral will be held on

On 11th March 2022

From 10am Mass and 11am at South London Crematorium

to 12pm

At St Bartholomew's Church and South London Crematorium

Led by Father Augustine