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Personal note

A personal note from the family

Dear all,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayers, support and kindness that have been shown to us. Through this difficult time it has been a huge strength to see how Caroline made such an impact on everyones life.


All our love

Margaret  and Jacqueline







Selhurst, London


funeral details

Funeral For Caroline

The funeral will be held at West Norwood Crematorium

Funeral starts at 11:15am

on Tuesday 29th March 2022

The funeral will be led by Father Hugh

Information for Attendees

Thank you for coming to Carolines funeral.

Please do not feel you have to wear black, as Caroline loved colour and she would hate to think we were all somber for her. Dress as you would if you were coming to see her in this world. She was not really into dressing up! That was always left to me.

For friends wanting to donate we have decided on the Croydon branch of the cat protection league. Caroline really loved having them and I know the people she met were really supportive.


Funeral Wake Details

Dear all,

We are having an after funeral party at The Latchmere Pub.

I do hope you will be able to join us; with a cocktail or two and a bite to eat, celebrating Carolines’ Day.


503 Battersea Park Rd, Battersea, London SW11 3BW

The Latchmere: pub dining in Battersea, SW11The Latchmere


About Caroline's Life

Caroline was the kindest and most gentle person. She made friends for life and so many people have been touched by her. She was my best friend, I will miss her every day. Caroline was Mums angel and this I can never replace. We were a great team and life seemed so much brighter and easier with Caroline in it.

Martin, Rebecca, Claire, Jon and Eric were her rocks, you were always in her stories and she had the best family in you all. She has done so much with you – the stories and memories are endless. Caroline worked at SRO forever! The people she met and the journey she travelled with Martin was if nothing else a blast. Martin was her brother, best friend and annoying boss all rolled into one!

I know that she loved her Russian evenings and holidays. I am not sure what she was learning, but she loved the classes held at her flat. We spent many afternoons in Croydon looking for the right biscuits!

The cat fostering was a recent event, but Caroline loved looking after these little lost souls.

I know we will all own something that she made for us; whether it was a knitted scarf, a chain mail bracelet or a lamp. Caroline was a creative soul. I hope as she sits looking down on us with my Dad and our other loved ones, with a cocktail in hand, that she can see we are all missing her dreadfully and love her very much.

Planning For The Future

In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan

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Send Flowers For The Funeral

Please contact the team on the number below to order flowers for the funeral. We can discuss what you are looking for and will hand write a message for the card. You will then be able to pay with your card once all completed.

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The funeral will be held on

On Tuesday 29th March 2022

From 11:15am

to 12:30pm

At West Norwood Crematorium

Led by Father Hugh

Planning For The Future

In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan

The family welcome you to make a donation to their chosen charity, Cats Protection Croydon.