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Personal note

A personal note from the family

The family wishes to extend deep gratitude to all, for the prayers, support, comforting messages, calls, flowers, cards and gifts during this time of bereavement.

Emmanuel Nelson





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funeral details

Funeral For Emmanuel Nelson

The funeral will be held at St Pauls Church, Cheshunt and Enfield Crematorium

Funeral starts at 11am

on 23/09/2022

The funeral will be led by Father Clement


About Emmanuel Nelson's Life

Emmanuel Nelson was born on the 10th of December 1965, the fourth of eight children.
Nelson attended primary school in Rivière des Anguilles from 1970 to 1976 and secondary school at Collège Curepipe from 1977 to 1982.
After his studies, Nelson worked in Port Louis as a Customs Clerk from 1982 to 1986.
In 1986 he moved to Palermo, Italy and worked there until 1992 as a Caretaker.
In 1993 he moved to London and worked in administration at Aerofreight
Cargo Ltd in Barnet until 1997 and thereafter worked in various companies until today.
During his childhood and teenage years, he was serving at Sacred Heart Church at rivière des Anguilles.
Nelson met Lysbi in 1992 and shared his life with her until his death.


Dear Nelson,
Your family, your loved ones, your friends, and all those who loved you
are gathered here today to say goodbye. You left before us, far too soon,
and you remind us that our lives here on earth are nothing.
When I was 5 years old and you were 11, at my first school day, our
parents were not informed. You ran all the way home from school to pick
me up, dress me, do my hair as nicely as possible and walked me to
school. I was scared and sad. You comforted and encouraged me.
I remember when I still was little, your elder sisters Rousselle, Sindi,
Marianne accompanied our parents to weddings and you had to stay with
us to look after us: Ricardo, Medgé, me and Pedro (who was still a baby).
We gave you a hard time, but you took on the role of our big brother
perfectly well even though it must have been difficult for you.
Then there was Monsieur France in Mauritius who lived alone next to our
house in Eau-coulée. Each time you visited Mauritius, you brought him
bread and cakes in the morning for his breakfast. He told me this many
times. You had a big place in his heart for your kindness.

If I have to describe my brother Emmanuel Nelson, I can say that he was
sensitive, very kind and generous. He was always a very protective
brother for his siblings. Nothing made him happier than knowing that his
family was safe.
Nelson, you gave lots of love to your family without asking anything in
return. When I needed a shoulder to cry on, you were always there. I
know that this text will not be able to express everything I want to say to
you, but I would like everyone here to know how much we will miss you.
Thank you, my sister-in-law, Liseby.
You have been there for Nelson for 30 years and you really have taken
care of him. You gave him all the love and affections he needed. You,
David, his wife and their kids, gave him the family he ever wanted.
Knowing this, was very reassuring for us, because we knew that he was
safe and not alone. The most beautiful sign of love is to have asked for
you before passing away. You stayed with him, until his last breath.
Nelson, we know that your life was not always easy, because you left
Mauritius at a very young age, at the summit of your happiness. Your life
has not been always easy since you left and many people took your love
for granted.
Now, we know that you are an angel, a star in heaven, with mamie, papi,
Dario, Giovana and Aaron. You always said and I quote “everyone wants
to go to paradise, but no one wants to die”. You my brother, you have
your place in heaven, in the home of Jesus Misericorde, and it is well
Rest in Peace my beloved Nelson.

Your baby sister Maria Causta

To my brother Nelson in memories of your younger brother. Today is the
hardest moment of my life since I lost a brother like you.
You have been my protector since we were going to school in our childish age.
In the family, we all know how brave you were: at the age of 12yrs you decided
to go and work in the cane fields during the school holidays to help Mum and
I do remember the moment when we were together in the absence of the
older sister, Mum and Dad; how you helped Rubin and Maria to comb their
hair to go to school and attend the church.
On our way you even carried our little sister Maria on your shoulder as she was
tired and couldn’t continue to walk.
Even during your teen age, you were together with our father spending all your
holidays and Sundays helping him to build our dream house for the family; I
wanted to follow you and tried to be better than you, but I was not stronger as
You have been the pathway in my life since you left the family house to go
abroad, trying to be a better man. I wanted to continue what you left behind
and take it as a challenge to grow in all fields you touched.
Even in my job that I am performing today you are the one who started to
make me interested in this career.
Nelson, there are so many things that can be said about you, but it would take
so much time. It is so sad that we now need to talk about you in the past. My
Brother, I will always love you, and you remain in my heart. I will always
remember your words (To my heart Chico we are brother in arms).
Now, time has come for you to go and meet our Mum Micheline Dad Cyril and
our brother Dario, our sister Giovanna and your nephew Aaron; let the Angels
carry you by their wings and rest in peace.

With Love and Affection, your brother Ricardo.

Letter From Andy

13 years ago, at my wedding, I met you and Liseby for the first time.
What started with a family reunion, grew into friendship and love.
Almost each year we met and spent fantastic days together. You
were like the brother to me that I never had; my best friend.
We talked about everything for hours, we could laugh about our
jokes and travel back in the 80ies and listen to our favorite songs. I
will miss all of this.
Your sister Maria loved to tell stories about her childhood, the way
you protected and looked after her. And you never stopped caring
for her and you never stopped caring for your family either. I hope
your efforts will be remembered.
Unfortunately, you had to leave far too early my friend; so many
years we should still have had… but it was not supposed to be and
we have to say goodbye today.
I can still hear you say “nothing is forever”, and as always you were
right, or at least almost right, because the way you marked our lives
and the way you left the world a better place will stay in my mind as
long as I live.
I love you Nelson! Rest in peace my brother!


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The funeral will be held on

On 23/09/2022

From 11am

At St Pauls Church, Cheshunt and Enfield Crematorium

Led by Father Clement

Planning For The Future

In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan