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A personal note from the family

On behalf of Pat, we would like to thank all of her friends and family for your friendship and your support over all the years.


Mary Hague




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Funeral For Patricia

The funeral will be held at Temple Lodge, 51 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9QL

Funeral starts at 15:00pm

on 25 August 2021


About Patricia 's Life

Patricia Hague 1937-2021

Born Patricia Mary Hague, Pat always preferred to be called Pat.   She was born from Scottish and Irish ancestry; her family was removed from Britain when the Enclosures Acts enabled seizures of land, and displaced families went out to found new homes across the sea.  Pat was born in Mount Isa in Queensland, Australia, a small remote and dry mining community and was the youngest child of three, with two older brothers.  The children grew older, and the family moved to greener Sydney, where Pat had an active childhood, camping, dancing and performing from a young age, earning an Honours Certificate in Advanced Senior Piano Playing studies at the London College of Music (Sydney) in 1955, a talent that she did not always share with others.  After studying and being presented as a debutante at a ‘coming out’ ball in 1956 (there are wonderful photos of Pat looking resplendent in a stunning dress – a real beauty), Pat became a legal secretary.

During the 60s, Pat travelled extensively in Europe (as a youth hosteller), which may be where she gained her interest in Anthroposophy.

Settling in London, Pat followed her interests, leading a full and varied life, both working and studying.  She spent some time studying Spanish dancing, after meeting a Spanish couple and going to their Spanish dance courses.  Following on from that, they introduced her to projective geometry, in which she became extremely accomplished.

Pat attended one of the earliest full-time courses in Eurythmy in Britain at the London School of Eurythmy, then based at Rudolf Steiner House under the leadership of Marguerite Lundgren, qualifying in 1975.

At some point, Pat also studied Eurythmy Therapy at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, followed by further studies at Rudolf Steiner House.   This clearly informed her teaching and artistic eurythmy work when Pat gave courses and workshops in and around London through the 70s and 80s, including a number of years at one of the Camphill homes.

Pat found the Chrysalis Theatre School in Balham, where she gave Eurythmy classes to the students, and also to members of the public over many years.  She became more involved and supported the Theatre School in many more ways and, when the owner of the Chrysalis Theatre School hosted the founding of what was to become The Waldorf School of South West London, Pat became involved with the kindergarten work, both as a teacher and Eurythmist.


Perhaps this was what inspired her to work in other London Steiner schools as an Eurythmy teacher, where she met many more colleagues with interests and experiences which must have fed her curiosity and enthusiasm for Rudolf Steiner’s works.  Between 1994 and 2004, Pat also took eurythmy out into the mainstream and became involved in children’s eurythmy performances for local schools, collaborating with other eurythmy colleagues.

As time went on, Pat became a member of the Anthroposophical Society, going to lectures and study groups on many different topics.  She was a regular visitor at Steiner House and supported their administration for a number of years.

Pat remained with The Waldorf School of South West London throughout the years with all its ups and downs, new buildings and name (the school is now called London Steiner School).  She supported the school in many roles, from Eurythmy Teacher to Kindergarten Teacher to Bursar, offering continued support to the Trustees and Management Groups, Teachers, Kindergarten, After School Club, Parent and Child Group and, of course, the Administration Team.  Pat was knowledgeable and supportive, kind and fair minded, funny and feisty. She had an ear for anyone in need and made many anonymous donations to various good causes and people in the school community. She always kept in touch, even after ‘retiring’ (only a very few years ago) – popping in to type minutes of the Management Group meetings every fortnight. Pat’s colleagues at the school enjoyed celebrating her big 60th Birthday, her 70th, and her 80th – and, only last February, her 84th.

Pat continued to follow her interest in study groups and lectures, and, of course, Eurythmy, taking part in several Eurythmy projects, including the Cosmic Verse project at the festival to celebrate 100 years of Eurythmy in 2012, ‘The Calendar of the Soul’ (weekly verses by Rudolf Steiner).  Her last project was an artistic contribution of a poem by J W von Goethe, with colleagues from Britain, at the International Eurythmy Conference in Dornach in 2016.

Pat was a quiet and modest person, but was widely known and respected, as shown by the many messages received, some of which are below. ‘Pat was so gentle yet so strong.’

‘Pat was always a reassuring presence, and I respected her independence of mind and her firmly held spiritual convictions. She was not dogmatic but a seeker after truth on her long journey through the physical world.’

‘Despite my sense of loss with the news of her death I take comfort from the thought that she has journeyed on into the spiritual world where her good works will continue.’

‘She was so lovely and such a happy and calm presence.’

‘Pat was ‘the perfect guest’. Whenever she came to visit, she would be the best of company and she brought with her a wonderfully conscious yet calm ambience.’

‘The main thing which springs to mind about Pat was her infectious sense of humour and Aussie way of being.’

‘One of those important souls who keep in the background. I think that is true, and the highest accolade.’

On the 14th July 2021, Pat was walking in her local park and began to feel unwell.  Unfortunately, Pat had suffered a stroke and was taken to St George’s Hospital, where she spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit before it became clear that she would not recover.  The last rites were administered by the Christian Community priest and Pat died in the early hours of the 19th July.

Pat’s wishes were to continue to be guided by the ‘spirit of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy’, having a Christian Community funeral service and leaving her legacy of books and artistic endeavours to the school which she loved so much.

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The funeral will be held on

On 25 August 2021

From 15:00pm

At Temple Lodge, 51 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9QL