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Rhoda Christian 'Chris'





Personal note

A personal note from the family

The family wishes to extend deep gratitude to all, for the prayers, support, comforting messages, calls, flowers and cards and at this time of our loss.

Chris and Mike did a lot together, they were lucky enough to live and work in different countries, often distant from family, but enjoyed the experiences and different cultures. The happy times remain in  our memories, they won’t go away even though Chris has left us, we treasure the times we had together and feel honoured that she loved us.

Rhoda Christian 'Chris'





funeral details

Funeral For Rhoda Christian 'Chris'

The funeral will be held at West London Crematorium

Funeral starts at 1pm

on 07/02/2024

The funeral will be led by Rev James Fields


About Rhoda Christian 'Chris''s Life

Details of her life will be shared at the service during the eulogy.

Here are some messages from family and friends:

From the Dabah family in Zimbabwe

Our thoughts are with you each day with the sad passing of dear Chris. She was a real lady, always with a ready smile as we shared times together, laughs and chitchats. We should not forget the tea time together, the walks and haircuts with you. May your memories be beautiful and endless.

Chris, your friendship and life experiences over the years will be fondly remembered by us all. The Dabah’s. We say goodbye dear Chris, rest well.

From Alan and Lesley Windram

So terribly sad to hear that our darling Chris has gone. We cannot know how you feel, but send you love and support the best way we can. Our memories of Chris are all so special and we feel grateful to have been part of both of your lives.

From Robin and Jenny Taylor

Jenny and I are so sorry to hear of the passing of Chris. We send you and her sons our deepest sympathy. We remember the happy times over tea and scones and later a glass of wine at Dacomb Drive. Chris was always cheerful and had a special laugh. We also remember the days we spent with you both in your home in London, we still talk about the wonderful time and the memories we made in your company. Jenny loved and misses her hairdressing talents. She was a master at the craft. We send you our love at this difficult time.

From Tim and Di Tanser

This is heart-breaking news. You have both been a wonderful example to Di and me of a most devoted couple. We have always been so touched by the love and tenderness you have always shown for your beloved Chris.

We offer our deepest condolences, but above all we pray that you will be enfolded in the love, comfort, strength and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ.

From Nigel Orbell in Johannesburg in South Africa

l am so sorry to hear about Chris passing away. My thoughts are with you and will pray for her.

Elise Cochrane in Johannesburg

Oh no Mike, this is such sad news! My condolences to you!

From Margie and Ken Calder in Cape Town

Thank you for letting us know that Chris passed away. Beautiful Chris

From Louise in Cape Town

I am having a happy, lovely chat with Dom about you and Chris. She has wonderful memories of Chris and we have laughed a lot and cried a bit. You both were stalwarts for my girls. You offered your home to Dom and, in her quiet and gentle way, she has expressed how much this meant to her. Chris’ cold showers made us all shiver

We know that you and Chris loved each other and were soul mates.  My mother adored Chris and was impressed by her shopping bag with one change of dress when she came to stay with me. Such a magical soul. My dear friend, you have journeyed with a great feminine spirit. Lucky Man. Your grief will bring wonderful memories and plenty of smiles. Darling Chris.

From Oscar and Ieva Silva Valladares in Lithuania

Our hearts and prayers are with you.  May God shine on Chris.

From Barry and Hanna Marin in Prague

On behalf of Barry and myself, please accept our deep sympathies

From Susan and Geoffrey Feltoe in the UK

Dear Chris, was part of our family for over 44 years, and the love and centre of Mike’s life. We share many happy memories of us together as  family. I remember the wonderful days together at a Safari Park in Mazowe; the Bvumba Gardens, Nyanga and Kariba. Family photos capture these moments together and our collective memories hold them safe. Chris loved these forays; they always lifted our spirits and gave us the opportunity to be together. We played croquet, walked with Mum’s beloved spaniel, Bassie, and took delight in watching Sara’s little children in their earliest years. Chris accompanied Mike on many explorations for rock paintings and took full pleasure in the picnic breakfasts. She was also integral to our family and she showed her own idiosyncratic twirls, such as her love of exercise, her home-making taste and her joy in jokes and humour.

Chris will be deeply missed by all of us, and we believe that she is now at rest and in peace. She will always be held lovingly in our hearts and thoughts. Our deepest sympathy and love to Mike, who has been her loving husband and support. Chris’s passing will leave a space in his life and heart; in that of Mark and Stephen, and in ours, too.

From Bridget Surgeon

My own first memory of Chris is of her lying by the pool at Killarney heights, gorgeous hair, fit sun-kissed body and her white bikini. We spent many hours at the poolside with Chris. You were smitten, but acting cool…Did you seriously think Mom wouldn’t see you walking back to your flat, at odd hours?

Chris, I swear Mike truly didn’t believe you couldn’t swim…. when he tossed you (and your chair) into the pool at Killarney Heights…

I would never have trustingly laid down in a freezing Inyanga stream if it hadn’t been for her sincere enthusiasm at the benefits of icy cold water!

Her stamina on weekend walks (hikes) with you, sometimes with Dad,  Umwinsidale, Domboshava, Ewanrigg, Vumba,  Inyanga, Magaliesberg, the Drakensberg.

I could not count the hours Chris would spend on weekends, or after work, happily styling all of our hair, highlighting, colouring, perming, blow drying…

So many magic moments, with family and friends, shared together and often recounted, over the years, with love and chuckles…. I will always remember Chris for her deep love of you, her laughter, gentle smile and her positive attitude.  A blessing to all those who met her. There are others who will miss Chris, but none will miss her as much as you.

From Peter and Chris Ashton

Just to let you know just how very sad we are. Please know that  we are thinking of you.

From Lynne Salter

We all grieve in our own way, we all heal in our own time. My thoughts and love are with you and for Chris

From Christopher MacKay

I’m writing to express my deep sorrow about Chris and I am so sorry for your loss and I have been thinking about you both – my thoughts and love are with you.

From Susan Griggs

We’ve just spoken but I want to thank you again for the lovely last picture of Chris — how serene and young she looks, and it’s a comfort to me to know she is at peace at last. You and she were such a great couple and your care for her as the Alsheimer’s progressed was unfailing and  unceasing.

From Robert Shaw and family

I am so sorry to hear your news about Chris passing. She was such a lovely person and will be a huge loss.  I appreciate this must be a difficult time for you. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to stay with you both a few months ago and enjoy the company of both of you.

From Roz Swede and family

I shall always remember what a wonderful person Chris was. She was naturally kind, warm, funny, sympathetic, understanding, open-minded, a great listener … the list could go on! It was a great pleasure to see her at all times.

Chris had a natural vitality, lightness, brightness, joy, and delight in things. I wonder whether some of her Welshness also shone through.

I have a theory that if Chris had a shop, it would be the best in the world! In fact I can imagine her in it now.

Rest in peace Chris, and thank you so much for inspiring us with your amazing qualities.

From Martin Shaw and family

We are so sorry to hear the very sad news of the passing of Chris. We send you our love and best wishes.

From Elena Murray

Your happy times will always remain in your memories and Chris would want us to continue to remember them and smile! Thinking of you and Chris’ next journey.

From Simon and Dee Hickman

I am so sorry your Chris is no longer with you. We thought her whimsical smile on the photo captured so well her lovely sense of humour – we pray for peace to her soul, and for you.

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The funeral will be held on

On 07/02/2024

From 1pm

At West London Crematorium

Led by Rev James Fields

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In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan