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Parker Morris




Personal note

A personal note from the family

The family wishes to extend immense gratitude to all, for the huge level of support, sympathy, comforting messages, calls and kindness received during this time of bereavement.
In addition to this dreadful disease taking Ricky from us, the restrictions currently in place mean the service is limited to 30 people, so we are not even able to give him the send off he deserved, or he would have wanted. The service will however be broadcast via a live stream, which can be viewed via the link below, starting at 12.30pm on Tuesday 16th February 2021. We may not be able to break any attendance records but we can try and beat the record for the most on-line viewers!


Parker Morris


Tatsfield, Kent



About Ricky's Life

Ricky Parker Morris, we simply can’t believe that of all people and of all things, COVID was the one that stopped you in the end! This should not have happened, not to you ‘The Legend!’

You lived life literally in the fast lane, only ever sitting down to eat a meal, and even then you ate your food as if someone was about to steal it! You simply didn’t stop… constantly on the phone, even at weekends and evenings, taking and making work or social calls or organising an event, get together or racing. That’s why you have over 1500 contacts on your phone – in fact you had more ‘Steves’ on your phone that most people have contacts!

But you didn’t just talk the talk, you walked the walk!  Whether it be going to an event, a get together, racing, race-prep, repairing a mate’s roof or building Covid wards to deadline, you found time to ‘sort it out!’ Plus, with a touch of OCD you didn’t just do it, you did it to perfection!

Living life to the max started early as you were up and walking at 11 months and from that day there was no stopping you. As a child and then teenager you had numerous hobbies and interests: karate, scrambling, water skiing, tinkering from a young age on Dad’s cars and then building your first race car at just 16 years old. So it continued, building and owning 9 race cars. Along the way you also managed to squeeze in a couple of seasons in karting, some record bungee jumping and not forgetting the snowboarding and the amazing skiing holidays you shared with mates and family! Latterly you even decided to take up Sporting Trials, just so that you didn’t get bored in the winter.

When it came to partying, few could party as hard as you, and your love of 90’s House music (as we will hear at your service) and raves would have continued for decades had you not been stopped in your tracks!

But whatever you did, you always managed to find some quality time for Leo and Bailey-D and always made the effort to attend large family get-togethers, which just won’t be the same (boring!) without you.

Everyone would agree that the effort you put into your many business ventures through the years should have made you into a multi-millionaire! But wealth didn’t mean money to you though, it meant happiness and being with your family and many, many best mates.

It will be so hard to imagine life without you Ricky. You touched the lives of so many people that will miss your wit, cheeky grin, sarcasm, sense of fun, ganster speak ‘innit’ and always putting others first.

But we promise you that we will try our best to live each moment like it’s the last – just as you did! You were larger than life and you “had it large!”




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The funeral will be held on

On Tuesday 16th February

From 12:30

to 13:30

Planning For The Future

In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan