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  • Kate and Kate


    Kate and Kate are winners of the 2019 Good Funeral Award for Funeral Celebrant of the YearWhy Funeral Celebrancy?Kate Tym and Kate Dyer met when they worked together as Marriage Registrars before leaving, together, to become independent celebrants. They quickly became disillusioned with the type of conveyor-belt funeral being offered, and accepted, in most of the UK and the costs attached. As independent celebrants, they are passionate about changing the face of funerals in the UK. There's no right or wrong way to conduct an end-of-life celebration, it's whatever feels right for you and whatever you feel captures and reflects the person who has died and sums up what made them them.Organising A CeremonyThey are all about choice and want you to know that you can hold your final farewell in a barn, or a village hall, or even in your back garden and that, by separating the cremation or burial from the celebration of life, you completely change the atmosphere and free yourself up to provide a much more personal experience.A ...

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