Woolwich Cemetery

Woolwich Cemetery, Camdale Road, London, SE18 2DS

About Woolwich Cemetery

Woolwich Cemetery is in two parts, the westerly Old Cemetery and the easterly New Cemetery, divided by Rockliffe Gardens. The hillside site of the Old Cemetery was formerly part of Plumstead Common, and has a number of large mature trees, including cedars, scots pine, limes, corsican pines and copper beech.

Burial Chapel

Woolwich Cemetery has a burial chapel available to seat attendees. The cemetery charges an additional £95 for use of the chapel, which includes a minute service

Residency Rules

This cemetery requires the person who has passed away to be a resident of the borough, in order to recieve resident prices

Burial Options

Woolwich Cemetery has space available for both new coffin or casket grave purchases

Grave Lease

The cemetery provides grave leases from 50 years and for internments

Burial Fees


Burial Chapel

Yes - Available

Residents Of



Yes - Permitted

Woolwich Cemetery Fees Summary

Resident Non Resident

Coffin Interment

£1716 £6864

Casket Interment

£2164 £8656

Coffin Grave Purchase

£3378 £13512

Casket Grave Purchase

£3378 £13512

Burial Chapel

£95 £95
Please note that cemetery burial fees are complex and for a full breakdown of the prices and grave lease options at Woolwich Cemetery please call our team directly for specific advice

Travelling To Woolwich Cemetery