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  • Acton Cemetery


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  • Additional Mortuary Care


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  • Alperton Cemetery


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  • Alternative Hearse


    We have a wide range of beautiful alternative hearses to match the unique personality of a person, whether that includes leopard print, rainbows or the union jack flag.

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  • Alternative Limousines


    For those looking for something different, we have a range of limousines in alternative colours for you to choose from

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  • American Style Caskets


    A range of exceptional quality ‘American Style’ caskets, offering a distinctive and elegant feel to any funeral arrangement.

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    Assisted Washing and Dressing of Your Loved One


    You may wash and dress your loved one in a peaceful environment with one of our mortuary team who will guide you. You will be able to bring clothes, shoes, make-up and accessories.

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  • Bandon Hill Cemetery


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  • Baskets


    Funeral basket arrangements are equally suitable as funeral flowers and as tribute gifts to the bereaved family. Basket arrangements are often chosen as tributes suitable to be sent to a Cremation

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  • Baskets


    A beautiful range of sympathy baskets. Approximate sizes include:

    • Original Width: 20cm, Length: 30cm
    • Deluxe Width: 35cm, Length: 20cm
    • Grand Width: 20cm, Length: 45cm

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  • Beckenham Cemetery (private)


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  • Beckenham Crematorium


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  • Bedfont Cemetery


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  • Bexleyheath Cemetery Grave Reopening


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  • Biggin Hill Cemetery


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  • Bios Memorial Tree


    Bios Urn Memorial Tree is designed to turn the ashes of your loved one into a tree. Thanks to its design and manufacture, the urn provides proper germination and later growth of the tree. In this way, death becomes a transformation and return to life by means of nature.

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