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Personal note

A personal note from the family

The family wishes to extend deep gratitude to all, for the prayers, support, comforting messages, calls, flowers, cards and gifts during this time of bereavement.

Thelma Eugenie





funeral details

Funeral For Thelma Eugenie

The funeral will be held at Islington Crematorium, 278 High Road, London N2 9AG

Funeral starts at 13:15

on 23rd May 2023

The funeral will be led by Pastor John Frost

Information for Attendees

The family asks that you confirm your attendance at the funeral by RSVP to Garfield at or +44 790 422 3796.

Funeral Wake Details

Repass    @ Hornsey Cricket club   from  4pm.

The family would like to invite you to share your memories of Thelma after the service at:
The Hornsey Cricket Club
Tivoli Road
N8 8RG


About Thelma Eugenie's Life

Thelma Eugenie Jacobs Gilbert Lee, born on the 31/01/1935 in the village of Ann’s Grove on the East Coast Demerara. Born to the parents of John Gilbert and Irene Jacobs aka cousin Miss. Together the had six children,May,James,Cleveland, George,Sam, and Thelma aka Burnie being the youngest of them all and the last one that went to be with lord at the age of 88. Thelma attended Roman Catholic school and Brethren Church in the Village. Thelma spent sometime in Berbice  and later moved to Georgetown where she lived up until moving to the Uk. The mother of two children Linden and June. Thelma used her craft cooking and sewing to maintain her family. She worked at prominent hotels in Guyana  Belvedere and Friends  as a cook. She worked with the Fung-A-Fats and the late sisters Lynette and Celis Dolphin. Thelma also bought and sold items at Bourda Market in Georgetown. In year 1988 Thelma left Guyana to join the Bennette’s  family, where she met and married the late Albert Lee. She worked as a dinner lady and occasionally at the south African Embassy. She loved her Heavenly Father and she shouted that very loud for all to hear. She attended Brook Street Chapel, Bruce Grove until she was no longer able to do so on her own. But was intouch with the Minster John and Wife Janice who she appreciated very much. She also visited Hornsey Rise Baptise Church on several occasions and had a few home visits from Pastor George who saw her a few weeks before she passed. She was selfless and a mother to many, the doors of her home was opened to everyone that seek her help or other wise. Very witty and always the one in the room to make to laugh. She was fearless to the end. She Loved her family especially her late brothers, she always had a story to tell about them, it got even worse when the brains went back in times. She would always call on them to protect her, they surely didn’t get to rest in peace for her, they sure will now.  Her moto was to always remember the good one has done for you not the bad. What more can I say about this precious sole that has departed the land of the living. She departed  peacefully with a gratitude look on her face at her home in Wood Green. She will never be forgotten. There is a time to be born and a time to die, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and time to dance.

Planning For The Future

In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan


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You can access the live webcast by clicking the button below and logging in using the Username and Password provided. Please allow plenty of time before the service to login. The webcast will begin approximately 5 minutes before the funeral start time.

Username:​ zino5101

Password: 722724

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The funeral will be held on

On 23rd May 2023

From 13:15

to 14:45

At Islington Crematorium, 278 High Road, London N2 9AG

Led by Pastor John Frost

Planning For The Future

In Memory Of Life is a local independent funeral directors and we can help you to plan for the future by setting up a bespoke funeral plan